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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Concrete floor coatings should be durable and provide both function and aesthetics.

As professional concrete floor installers, we will help you to choose a floor coating system that fits your needs. We are fully equipped to provide proper surface preparation (diamond grinding) which is vital for the floor coating to bond properly. (see concrete floor preparation section of our website).

We offer the following types of concrete floor coating systems:

  • Neat Coatings (one solid color)

  • Paint Flake Floor Coatings

  • Metallics Floor Coatings

  • Industrial Floor Coatings

  • 100% solids Epoxy

  • Polyaspartic Coatings

  • UV resistant Coatings

  • Flexible Coatings

  • Chemical Resistant Coatings and more


We have many years of experience installing concrete floor coatings for different projects including the following:

  • Garage Floors

  • Airplane Hangars

  • Shop floors - Mechanic Shops, Welding Shops, Machine Shops, Butcher Shops etc

  • Dealership Show Rooms, Breeze Ways

  • Auto Mechanic, Parts Storage.

  • Offices

  • Retail Spaces - Restaurant, Bakery, Liquor Stores

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