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Concrete Floor Preparation

Arguably the most important step involved in the installation process of any concrete floor coating is proper surface preparation.

  • We are fully equipped with a large diamond grinder.  This machine removes the top cream layer of the concrete, opening it up allowing the coating to soak into the concrete for an excellent bond rather than just sitting on top.

  • We also have tools to grind all the edges of the concrete.  Each tool is connected to a large industrial vacuum to control dust.

Other concrete preparation services we can provide include:

  • Crack Chasing

  • Crack Repair - epoxy or engineered cement filler/patching

  • Concrete Leveling

  • Glue Removal- removal of tile glue etc (excellent service for commercial, and Institutional Building flooring renovation projects- Flooring companies)

  • Coating Removal- removal of old or failing coatings

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